Quality Artisanal Goods

Traditional East African craftsmanship & contemporary design.

A beautiful mix of old & new, sustainability & innovation.

Quality artisanal goods, sure to shine in your home or on you.

Nurture your skin...

Vitellaria nilotica shea butter is a premium, all-natural skincare product made from... 

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Why East African Shea Butter?

Our Story

Picture this, you just discovered East Africa's best-kept secret.

During a three-year hiatus, through the vast artisanal landscape of Africa's Pearl, Uganda.

A journey solely intended on retracing your ancestor's footprints. Only to gain a vibrant understanding of how the other half live.  

The typical narrative, is so evidently far, from the whole truth.

Do you keep this secret to yourself?

No and neither could we.

  • Vision

    Pearl to Coast has a simple vision to strengthen the Artisanal traditions of Uganda 

  • Challenges

    With only 18% of Ugandans exempt from the digital divide

    You can see why Uganda’s artisanal economy remains largely unexplored

  • Solution

    By partnering with the emerging class of artisans & creative practitioners.

    Pearl to Coast exists to bridge that gap through social enterprise.

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