Celebrating International Women's Day at the Prince's Trust 'Change a Girl's Life' Marketplace

Celebrating International Women's Day at the Prince's Trust 'Change a Girl's Life' Marketplace

As we celebrate International Women's Day in 2024, it's essential to reflect on the progress we've made in empowering women and the work that still lies ahead to inspire inclusion. Recently, I was invited to attend the "Change a Girl's Life" event, a gathering that exemplified the spirit of female empowerment and solidarity. Hosted by the Prince's Trust, the event featured notable figures such as pop sensation Pixie Lott and the founder of The White Company, Chrissie Rucker, who served as ambassadors for the cause.

Pixie Lott and Chrissie Rucker
Left to right: Chrissie Rucker and Pixie Lott 

From the moment I stepped into Battersea Power Station, the atmosphere was electric (pun intended) with anticipation and excitement. As I looked around, I saw a diverse group of women from all parts of the United Kingdom, united in their commitment to creating positive change for girls and women everywhere. It was a powerful reminder of the strength that comes from collective action and unity.

Throughout the event, we were treated to words of wisdom from influential figures in the world of business, entertainment, and philanthropy.

PixieLott demonstrated the importance of using your platform to uplift and inspire other women. 

Pixie Lott with Isabella Mukasa founder of Pearl to Coast at Battersea Power Station Change a Girls Life Marketplace, hosted by Princes Trust

Left: Pixie Lott and Founder of Pearl to Coast, Isabella

Chrissie seemed to genuinely resonate with our sustainable product offering, which in hindsight should have come as no surprise, considering her companies target for 100% of their products to be responsibly sourced by 2030. I was actually more blown away by her evident drive to create opportunities for all women, to thrive in the business world.

Chrissie Rucker sampling our exclusive Karité du Nil.


Whether we were discussing challenges we've faced in our personal or professional lives or brainstorming solutions to systemic barriers that hold women back, the sense of camaraderie and support was palpable. Here are a few of my women supporting women #IWD24 wisdom bites: 

Lisa Cardus, Entrepreneur: Lisa, a Princes Trust Mentor, enlightened me on the potential of reaching out to corporates to offer sustainable products at their internal events. By collaborating with corporates, we can spread awareness about sustainability, while promoting our East African eco product range.


Dipalee Jukes, Founder of Ground & Water: Dipalee purchased some of our banana fibre products and gently affirmed the idea of placing our elegant glass jars in a securely woven banana fibre basket. Noting not only would it add value to our products but also promote traditional East African craftsmanship. It's always a privilege meeting individuals who resonate and prioritise environmentally conscious products.


Susan Bender Whitfield, Creative Director: In less than 5 minutes, Susan and I were exploring the concept of creating refillable moulds to easily enabling customers to refill their recycled glass jars from home. This innovative approach enhances our commitment to circularity by empowering consumers to actively participate in reducing waste. 

General Customer Responses: Our stall was handmade by the incredible artisans at Offcuts Uganda and received rave reviews from customers at Battersea Power Station. They appreciated the authentic experience it offered, transporting the buyer to East Africa by showcasing the immense level of craftsmanship deriving from diverse cultures. We'll share photos and more on our experience working with Offcuts Artisans, in our next blog post. 

Shot of our sustainable stall made from wood offcuts


For now, as I reflect on my experience at the "Change a Girl's Life" event, I'm reminded of the immense potential that lies within each of us and why it's so essential we carry it forward. By supporting the incredible artisans we work with, we play a role in building a more inclusive and equitable world for future generations of African women.


Change a girls life with all entrepreneurs from the day

On this International Women's Day, we commit ourselves to the ongoing work of inspiring inclusion, amplifying unheard voices, and breaking down barriers to success. We can truly change a girls life and shape a hopeful, fulfilling future for all Artisans.

Until next time folks. 

Pearl to Coast

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