Sustainably Empowering Women

Sustainably Empowering Women

Sustainably Empowering Women (SEW) is an indigenous NGO operating in Lira, Northern Uganda, with a mission to empower vulnerable single mothers towards financial independence. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing business management training, skills development, and access to business capital. Their mission is to provide single mothers on their program with the tools they need to succeed.

The organisation goes beyond financial assistance by relieving the women of their children's school fees and equipping them with a school starter package. Doing so, creates an opportunity for these women to focus on building their businesses and fostering savings.

SEW believe in the power of a strong support network, and their beneficiaries become part of an incredible community of empowered women. In addition to business-related assistance, various valuable resources are provided. These include personalised bra fittings, sustainable sanitary provisions, self-defence training, computer skills, and much more. By addressing both practical and personal needs, SEW aims to holistically support the women on their journey to independence.

SEW are currently engaged in a fundraising campaign to acquire their community centre, located in the heart of Lira. Establishing a permanent location for the SEW program is crucial for it's continuity. Moreover, it will enable them to extend their services to the wider community of Lira. At present, the community centre offers free Wi-Fi, computer access, a library, and various skills training programs. They envision an expansion to offer career and business support, as well as recreational activities for locals. This community centre not only benefits single mothers but also serves as a valuable resource hub for the entire community.

You can support their cause by purchasing handicrafts made by the beneficiaries. Pearl to Coast currently stocks a wide array of these unique products and provides these courageous ladies with additional support to overcome the digital divide often faced by entrepreneurs living in sub-saharan Africa.

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