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Lip 'Omumwa' Treat

Lip 'Omumwa' Treat

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Ingredients: Vitellaria Nilotica & Mentha Piperita 

How it works:

Our two-ingredient, vegan-friendly formula, consists of organic shea butter & English peppermint oil. English peppermint combines beautifully with East African shea butter to create a natural plump & delicate sheen. The higher olein acid in the shea nilotica is incredibly therapeutic and can help keep your lips hydrated throughout the dry winter months and yet still light enough for summer use.

Eco Packaging:

Our amber glass packaging is sustainable and protects from harmful UV rays. Please note shea butter consistency will vary due to temperature conditions, best to store it in a cool area.


Translation: Omumwa {Luganda} verb noun meaning lips   

Artwork: Our product labels highlight the renowned Ugandan Artist Mr. Joseph Ntensibe. Ntensibe is a Ugandan Postwar & Contemporary painter who was born in 1953. At the end of December, Paris-based auction house Artcurial staged its Contemporary African Art sale at La Mounia, a luxury hotel in Marrakesh. According to a statement from the auction house, several collectors from France, England, Switzerland, the United States, and Belgium, as well as several African countries, including Morocco, battled for work by Joseph Ntensibe, Aboudia, and Dickens Otieno

“Ntenisbe's works are rare on the market and prized by some collectors who follow him, several bidders fought for this Tropical Garden, canvas which has almost quadrupled its estimate,” said of the artist’s work. 


Recycled glass jars made from wine bottles sustainably sourced in Kampala Uganda. Covers are handcrafted by our carpenters using offcuts of Muvule wood.


Large: W 3.5" H 4.7" W 0.5g

Medium: W 2.5" H 3.9" W 0.3g

Small: W 2.5" H 2.6" W 0.3g

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Artisan Stories

The BananArt of Ugandan Artisan Olivia Namala

At the heart of Olivia's work lies a centuries-old tradition deeply rooted in Ugandan culture. For generations, banana fibre has been utilised by local artisans for its versatility and eco-friendly properties. Harvested from the stems of banana plants, this natural fibre undergoes a meticulous process of extraction and treatment before it's transformed into exquisite works of art.