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Pearl to Coast

BananArt: Handcrafted Figurines Made from Sustainable Banana Fibre

BananArt: Handcrafted Figurines Made from Sustainable Banana Fibre

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Handcrafted figurines made from sustainable banana fibre. Each piece is meticulously crafted to capture the majestic beauty of East Africa while promoting environmental sustainability. Our BananArt collection celebrates creativity, conservation, and the unique artistry of nature's resources. Explore our collection today and bring a touch of wild elegance into your home decor!

Artisan: Olivia Namale

Origin: Mukoono, Uganda

Dive into the captivating world of artisan Olivia Namale through our blog. Discover her journey, insights, and the intricate process of bringing these majestic creatures to life. Explore the blog now and uncover the stories behind the art."


Recycled glass jars made from wine bottles sustainably sourced in Kampala Uganda. Covers are handcrafted by our carpenters using offcuts of Muvule wood.


Large: W 3.5" H 4.7" W 0.5g

Medium: W 2.5" H 3.9" W 0.3g

Small: W 2.5" H 2.6" W 0.3g

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Artisan Stories

The BananArt of Ugandan Artisan Olivia Namala

At the heart of Olivia's work lies a centuries-old tradition deeply rooted in Ugandan culture. For generations, banana fibre has been utilised by local artisans for its versatility and eco-friendly properties. Harvested from the stems of banana plants, this natural fibre undergoes a meticulous process of extraction and treatment before it's transformed into exquisite works of art.