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Good Life Carpentry

Africa Map Carving

Africa Map Carving

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African map wall hangings that are carved out of hard Mugavu wood. The animals carved into the wood comprise an Elephant, Lion, and Leopard. 

 East Africa has two tribes that are particularly famous for their carvings; The Makonde (Tanzania), and the Karamojong from Uganda. Sadly, most of the Karamojong carvers were among the victims of Idi Amin's rule.

East Africa is known specifically for their pole carvings. These poles are often placed next to graves and are thought to have a connection to the ancestral world. Traditionally, many of their carvings focus on Cattle and Warriors.

We've collaborated with the Good life carpentry cooperative in Entebbe, Uganda. These artisans have so much talent and it has been such a privilege over the last year to gain an insight into their craft and watch as they create stunning carvings from mvule wood.

Good life is currently accepting commissioned work, contact us for more info.


Recycled glass jars made from wine bottles sustainably sourced in Kampala Uganda. Covers are handcrafted by our carpenters using offcuts of Muvule wood.


Large: W 3.5" H 4.7" W 0.5g

Medium: W 2.5" H 3.9" W 0.3g

Small: W 2.5" H 2.6" W 0.3g

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