Our Story

We discovered East Africa's best kept secret back in 2012

On a three year hiatus through the vast artisanal landscape of 'The Pearl of Africa'

It was there that our founder retraced her roots, gaining dual citizenship of Uganda and the United Kingdom

A Londoner at heart, this journey set a new understanding of how the other half live  

The typical poverty narrative being so evidently far, from the whole truth

 After three years of Equator living, Isabella returned & relocated to the coastal town of Bournemouth

It was there that Pearl to Coast came to be, with a vision to strengthen the Artisanal traditions of Uganda 

By partnering with the the emerging class of artisans & creative practitioners

With only 18% of Ugandans exempt from the digital divide,

You can see why Uganda’s artisanal economy remains largely unexplored

Pearl to Coasts exists to bridge that gap ​and in order to do so, we operate according to four guiding principles:

Social enterprise, authenticity, tradition & ecological concern

We are the fusion of traditional East African craftsmanship and contemporary design,

 A beautiful mix of old and new, of sustainability and innovation

We strive to provide artisanal products that are sure to shine in your home or on you